May 21, 2018


#TrumpIn1WordOrLess.  "Rerouting..."

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May 13, 2018

#CLRDailyOpinion. To restate Marshall McLuhan - the medium not only merges with the message. When the medium is Trump, an embrace of his lies comes with a lingering rush of false confidence. Do Dem communicators truly understand this? Listen to us at:

May 11, 2018

#CLRDailyOpinion. POTUS note to self: ‘I used to own 2 news cycles with a midwest rally. Now a hostage release nets me 15 minutes. Maybe. Then it’s all Cohen, Avenatti and that Mueller. Damned if I do it… but damn me if I don’t.’ 

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May 10, 2018

#CLRDailyOpinion. In the age of Trump: The Constitution and its norms are of little practical value.  Our usable heritage is limited to the readily exploitable grievances of an ever-lengthening Declaration of Independence. 

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