About Us


One evening just after the inauguration of Donald Trump two long-time friends began another of their epic political discussions.  As always, the feelings were passionate and, as always, the two were on the same side of the issues.  But this time discussion alone wasn't enough.  The friends decided it was time to take action.


They envisioned a new kind of radio station, one that did more than just rail against the Far Right voices dominating the airwaves and the internet.  It would be a station that appealed to listeners' hearts and minds rather than simply pander to their fears. 


Enter Center Left Radio.  Our goal isn't just to deflate the Far Right - which we're more than prepared to do. We're here to promote and support democratic and other progressive candidates for political office in 2020 and beyond and to work with other like-minded organizations toward that goal.  We're also committed to revitalizing our connection with our historic progressive underpinnings.  And we do it all in a way that hasn't been done before; with political commentary and stories of hope punctuated by musical journeys into that most hopeful, thoughtful and utterly American of all art forms - Jazz.


To promote hope requires an understanding of hopelessness and its foundation in fear, the antithesis of love but still a natural component of every human Soul.  At Center Left Radio we often speak of the need to suppress our fear, elevate our capacity to love and experience love's many positive aspects, including hope.  This focus is especially critical in the era of Trumpism with its embrace of fear's worst manifestations - racial animus, false religiosity, self-dealing, chronic lying and willful ignorance.  It’s only through the suppression of fear and its numerous manifestations that we can achieve the linkage - the spirituality - necessary for our successful evolution as both a nation and a species. 

At the core of our programming are a series of political commentaries and topical editorials by Richard Gayzur, a seasoned communicator, screenwriter, composer, musician, novelist and full-throated Progressive. Richard's talk segments are buffered by selections from our extensive Jazz catalogue - Kapo's Jazz Sensations - featuring a broad cross-section of contemporary European and American artists. 

Weekday talk and music segments are looped and replayed over a 24-hour period. Weekend programming consists of an expanded series of Jazz recordings covering the full spectrum of modern and traditional styles. Over time we will be adding more guest interviews, listener call-in segments and community events to the list of Center Left Radio activities.

Teddy Roosevelt said it best: 'A Great Democracy must be Progressive or it will soon cease to be Great or a Democracy.' Even in a pre-digital age, America got the message.  Center Left Radio is committed to getting that message to America once again.